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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 24, 2016 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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right now at 11:00 a growing memorial in honor of a four-year-old girl shot and killed inside her home. what police are saying about the tragedy, plus, hear from the woman who tried to help the little girl. and all eyes are on the united kingdom voters are deciding whether to leave the european union and the effects being felt before the final results are even in. but first -- >> the philadelphia 76ers select
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ben simmons. >> the wait is over. sixers get their man the first pick in the first round of the inform ba draft. and take look at the excitement from fans watching here in philadelphia. sixers nation is hoping ben simmons can help turn things around for this historic franchise that had struggled might till until recent years. there's been a lot of talk surrounding the freshman from lsu. good evening, i'm crosswalk washington. >> i'm jessica dean. don bell is live in wynnefield heights at the sixers practice facility, don, this is just a huge night for the sixers. a massive night for the sixers. it's a night we've been waiting for for many weeks right now let me show you exactly what's going on right now. so the president of basketball operations ryan coangelo expected to come out and talk about the number one overall selection right now -- you know it's ben simmons power forward out of lsu. let's show what that looked like in brooklyn new york tonight as the commissioner adam silver
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crossed the stage, step to the mike and made the huge announcement the sixers picking number one overall for the first time since 1996. great moment for the philadelphia 76ers. only the third time in franchise history that they had the number one overall selection. meanwhile, big ben looked good tonight in that black suit and gold tie and lesley was in brooklyn hadn't chance to talk to him one-on-one. >> finally after waiting and waiting, hear your name tonight. what do you feel? >> um, happy. excited. relieved. a lot of different emotions kind of hit me once it happened. >> did i hear it right that you have had this dream playing in the inform ba since you were five years old. >> since i was five. i wrote on a piece of paper i wanted to play in the nb. i still got that piece of paper. i cepit to this day. it's pretty mazing. >> to do it at such a young age. can you believe it? >> not really. no. i think once i leave this area
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and i'm with my family and i can soak it in that's when it will really hit me. >> what do you think you'd be a good fit with the sixers? >> i think my versatility. something rare for 6-foot guy to have that can dribble the ball up the court and run play. i think that's the biggest thi thing. >> dream come true for 19-year-old ben simmons. he is the big fish the one we've been waiting for but the draft did not end with him here tonight. they had 31st round draft choices we'll tell you about those two guys as well later on in sports along with two local players who went in the first round as well. that is the story here in pcom. back to you in the studio. >> db see you in a few minutes. sixers fans gathered to cheer on the number one pick. they are very excited about ben simmons and the team's future. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt talked to fans at a degree big draft party one concerns oval tonight. david? >> reporter: ukee, a major party here tonight at eakins oval couple thousand people here just a few hours ago. quiting down now. two of those people allen
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iverson and julius irving they didn't get the applause that ben salamons received through the television. >> with the 2016nba draft the philadelphia 76ers select ben simmons. >> the philadelphia 76ers picked former lsu tiger ben simmons. >> let's go. >> i'm loving it. i think -- i'm diehard fan. my husband is from philly. and sixers are our team. >> diane braced the humid night under a tent in eakins oval to watch the pick. simmons is good news for the struggling sixers who made the last number one pick in allen iverson. tonight, though, was about ben simmons. >> he'll get bigger and better. he's real poised. i like what he wore on the podium he looked real nice. he look philly. >> philadelphia fans say this is the year. they fully expect to have a championship parade in town one year from now. >> time to get sixers back on
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track. >> reporter: successful night here at eakins oval and now fans are waiting for ben simmons to touchdown on philadelphia soil. reporting live tonight david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you for that. still a head in sports there's much more on the nba draft. you'll hear from sixers general manager brian coangelo about ben simmons want other players the organization selected that's coming up in about 20 minutes. tonight police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of a four-year-old girl in north philadelphia. the child died after being shot in the face this afternoon. our natasha brown tells us what one woman witnessed while trying to help safe that little girl. >> reporter: memorial is growing outside of the home where a four-year-old little girl lost her life. children close to her own age looking on coming to grips with the death far too earl until life. >> save my baby, please, save my baby. that's all in my mind and just seeing the baby there gasping for area.
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>> march joe carries the unsha unshakeable image of the four-year-old child with a gunshot wound to her head in her woman's arms in the i wasn' in f north 20th street. >> she was hysterical crying. save my baby, save my baby, save my baby! >> the child died a short later at hahnemann hospital. they're still trying to piece together how she was shot. >> it's a matter of indicating, finding out what actually took place inside that home. finding out who the weapon belongs that. that process will continue through the night. >> reporter: family members were question at police headquarters. detectives say the girl's mother and 32-year-old sister were inside the house at the time the child was found shot in a second floor bedroom. how the fatal shooting happened is not yet known but it's okay on this north philadelphia community and who knew the little girl is clear. >> she's a bright beautiful girl and everybody loved her. admired her and everything.
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she's everybody granddaughte gr. >> the child's mother was questioned at police headquarters. meantime the gun used has been recovered and sources tell cbs3 it was a 40 caliber glock, a semi automatic handgun. at police headquarters, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> natashnat the family of frede gray is voicing their frustration in baltimore tonig tonight. they're reactioning to the acquittal of another police officer who was charged in gray's death. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer joins us now with what the gray family is saying tonight. nicole? >> ukee and jess according to the judge there was insufficient evidence thursday to convict the third of six officers charged in gray's death which means the state has yet to secure one single conviction in three very high profile trials. and tonight we're hearing from the family's spokesperson. >> this family is enormously frustrate. >> gray family spoke through
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their attorney thursday after a judge cleared goodson of murder and other charges in the 20 teen death of freddie gray. the officer driving the police transport van >> there was no evidence the defendant knew the distress mr. gray may have been in and failing to seat belt a detainee in a transport van is not inherently criminal conduct. billy murphy represents the gray family and says cameras should have been in the van and in court. >> the public has the right to see for itself why this was not guilty verdict. and whether that was the appropriate verdict in this ca case. >> i think it's hard to prove a rough ride. >> reporter: tess is a of the naacp told cbs news it may be difficult to determine what happened to gray in police custody the city taking steps to change that.
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>> the vans will have camera in the back of them so they can see the person that's locked up and in the back the whole ride. >> new and potentially live changing technology that should be up and running by the end of the summer. as i mentioned three officers still face charges which the fraternal order of police argues should be dropped. >> interesting. thanks. family and friends saying final farewell to animal rights active visit george ben daal. a funeral was held tonight. his funeral will take place at the calgary chapel of philadelphia tomorrow morning at 11:00 o'clock. bengal was the pennsylvania spca's director of humane law enforcement. last month he was honored by the organization after revealing he had terminal cancer. bengal passed saturday. he was 69. a funeral service will be held tomorrow for akyra murray the west catholic graduate who was killed in the orlando nightclub shooting. the viewing will take place at monumental baptist church in philadelphia at 8am followed by the funeral at 10:00.
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pennsylvania governor tom wolf will call a special election within the next 10 days for the vacated seat of congressman chaka fattah. the 11 term democrat convicted two days ago on charges of racketeering, fraud and money laundering. he initially planned to step down october 3rd. that's one day before he's scheduled to be sentenced on those charges but after pressure from congressional leaders fattah agreed to resign effective immediately. tonight the votes are being counseled and the world is wai waiting to learn if great britain will leave the european union. still ahead what's at stake and impact already being felt before the official results are announced. kate? >> and still tracking a few showers and thunderstorm tonight but it's all starting to move on out. coming up i'll tell when you the showers final dollar clear want to expect for the upcoming weekend. also, taste with tori heads to bucks county cafe where the menu is just what the doctor ordered. the inspiration behind this unique restaurant when
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"eyewitness news" comes right back.
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>> this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" with ukee washington, jessica dean, kate bilo and don bell historic vote count underway 46 million people in the united kingdom deciding whether the uk should stay witness european union or leave. the vote comes after months of campaigning those pushing to leave the eu argue a british exit can restore power to parliament and control immigration. those pushing to remain in the eu argue britain is safer and richer inside the 28 nation union. already writ british currency dropped shortly against the american dollar. full results expected tomorrow.
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democratic lawmakers in washington ended a day long sit in. they demanded paul ryan and the republican leadership allow a vote on gun control legislation. they walk out on the front steps of the capitol. they told supporters even though they did not within a vote, the fight will go on. speaker ryan called the protest nothing more than a stunt. >> a supreme court tie delivered a blow to the obama administration's plan on immigration today the high court split the vote for-four letting a lower court ruling stand. the president's plan to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation and give them work permits. the courts opinion kill the plan for the rest of the president's term. a legal victory for legendary rock band led zeppelin. a jury found front man robert plant and guitar jimmy page not guilty of copyright infringement on iconic hit stairway to heav heaven. the case centered on claims that
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led zeppelin copied keynote patterns from a 1960s song spirit. led zeppelin said they were great tull the jury ruled in their favor. >> good food and good medicine combine in tonight's taste with tori. tori meets a medical student who was april spared during her internship to start a cafe in bucks county. >> feast your eyes on the cafe in feasterville. lattes -- >> i love it. >> coffee blends. >> oh, my gosh that tastes like real bananas. >> meet 23-year-old manager and med student. >> janet spending habits during her internship led her from buying on the go to going after an idea. >> i would grab starbucks dunkin' donuts. i spent like $1,200.
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my husband we should just really open a coffee shop. >> her husband mechanical engineer and a friend opened up did he lease cafe she's taking care of her customers like she plans to take care of her patients. >> i have grandparents. my husband has grandparents that need medical care and there were a lot of things that were like skipped out on like not paid attention to and this is also like whenever i care about that this is just the same philosophy we use in here really paying attention what customers need and customers and patients to be honest. >> reporter: even patients with a blue gluten free diet. >> grew 10 free folks still together. on facebook they message us gluten free folks have a grew 10 free place. >> these crepes are just what the doctor order the, egg whit whites, cheese and spinach. i'm on diet with grilled chicken, avocado, spinner,
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tomato and feta. >> just what the doctor ordered. >> very berry with fresh berries, homemade preserves and whipped cream. it's heaven. absolute heaven. >> hmm. >> wow! >> that always makes me hungry at 11:17 at night. >> crepes randomly. >> indeed. plenty of food over there at the draft party tonight i went over. this just turned into wash and wear suit. >> got a little dam. >> i forgot the umbrella. >> dry clean only not so much tonight. it rained pretty steadily in the city for little while. nice start to the day and then everything changed this evening as line of showers and thunderstorms rolled through and still a couple of showers and storms out there tonight. let's take a quick look at our roof cam. not a whole lot going on in center city. the roads may be still a little damp from the earlier rain but the rain has since moved out. can't rule out a stray shower here tonight through the overnight hours but the worst of the thunderstorm activity moved on out although we did have a report of significant hail in philadelphia about quarter inch
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of hail quarter inch sized hail in diameter was measured in the city. here's the time lapse video from the city today started with clouds, rain this morning. a couple of spots mainly down the shore. then through the afternoon hours you can see the sun tries to come out. watch how it gets ominous again and here we go. there it is. pretty heavy rain this evening in philadelphia right before sunset. storm scan3 shows this is all being pushed to the south now. the heaviest of the rain over the baltimore area we do still have steadier shares over portions of south jersey but those are now starting to diminish. a couple of lingering sprinkles to the north and west as well so if you're along the atlantic city expressway here, the garden state parkway, egg harbor township you are seeing still a shower moving through. no lightning or thunder being roar reported with that one at the moment. the worst of back towards the baltimore area and on-going strong thunderstorms across portions of virginia now north carolina these have been going pretty much all day long. severe weather over west virginia and virginia push on the south. those stolen a lot of the energy
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from the atmosphere and we didn't really get the severe weather here which nobody is complaining about. temperatures right now still warm and it's still humid outside. 72 in philly right now. 71 in if you're in wilmington. 68 in allentown notice dew points in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees in many locations. dry air lurking off to the north and it will eventually filter in by the weekend. but for now, it still feels soupy outside. future weather shows still a couple of showers around through tonight. they could dry to redevelop as well. this frontal boundary pushing through will get up here through the day mainly off to our south. so tomorrow we start the day with sunshine to the north. but a few showers possible friday morning down the shore. kind of migrate during the afternoon. spotty showers around 1:00 o'clock over new castle county delaware that continues to move on out and then we end the day with mostly sunny conditions pretty much everywhere. but tomorrow can't rule out a stray shower here or there. we'll clear it out and get full sun back in time for the weekend overnight, still the chance for shower or straight thunderstorm
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then some fog may develop late it's so warm and steamy outside fog likes to form on night like today. 66 will be our overnight low for your friday part thely sunny, a couple of spray sprinkles here and there, a steadier shower to the south the high around 83. down short partly sunny shower possible to start your friday 78 will be the high. tomorrow the weekend though looking beautiful down the shore. sunny and nice on saturday at 79. sunday lots of sunshine, 81 so if you're on the fence about going to the shore this weekend let me push you over the fence. go down the shore this weekend if you have a place to crash. i would would be down there if i had a place to crash. the pee city looks beautiful as well. your seven day forecast looks fantastic. saturday 84. sunday 86. monday just little more humid but entering into a great stretch for this first weekend of summer. >> aggressive push or a little nudge. >> a little nudge. that's all you need. >> that's all you need let's head back out to don bell live at the sixers practice facility.
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don? >> reporter: hey, guys, i am whispering right now because sixers general manager bryan coangelo is addressing the media right now about the draft choice ben simmons number one overall. when we come back we'll hear from bryan and much more. ♪
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welcome back to pcom the sixers practice and they had their war room behind me for the nba draft. general manager bryan cole angelo still addressing media behind me but he's excited about what they were able to get done tonight in the nba draft. we'll show you pictures from brooklyn new york where ben simmons was selected number one overall. the commissioner adam silver stepped to the podium and made the call. simmons at lsu the best numbers in the country. only person in the country able to do that. cole angelo said right behind me this kid will improve every single part of this franchise
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including the bottom line. here's what else he had to say. >> we're tremendously excited about the addition of ben simmons to this team and to this roster. i think the city of philadelphia, the fans, are going to be extremely pleased with what they see out of ben for the next hopefully the next decade plus. >> all right. cole angelo finally done talking which means i can speak at a regular volume now. that means we can go up i-95 to brooklyn where lesley van arsdall is standing by. lesley, i understand you had a moment to catch up with the number one overall pick. >> reporter: i did, don, and he is so excited. he loved the reaction from the fans. they were here at the draft tonight. he wants to may for a passionate fan base like the sixers fans he wants to may fort sixers and of course wants to play forehead coach brett brown. someone he's been tied to since
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before he was even born. >> brett coached my dad back in the day in australia. and he also coached the national team he had that connection -- ooh known me since i was born he's known me. i've had a few conversations with him when i was about 14 years old. back in australia which is pretty special. >> did he tell you anything before you came here? >> no. i seen -- now he's able to talk to me now. a lot easier. >> what have you heard about the philadelphia fans? >> they are very passionate. i've heard that a lot. but, you know, that's where i want to be. somewhere where the fans are very passionate and care. >> reporter: these fans they definitely care and they are indeed very passionate. now this guy 6-foot 10, 240 and he's fast. he's a player that can contribute right away and he said he is ready to get to work and we'll zen it back to you, don, in philadelphia.
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and that's exactly what the fans want to hear here in philadelphia. that this kid is ready to roll. now, listen, the sixers had three picks in the first round so they were not done after ben simmons. they had two more sleeks start wig the 24th overall shrek a kid out of france and with a 26th selection they chose a player out of turkey. these are a couple of swing players. they are loading on the front court need to do something with the back court positions. also a good night for a couple of local kids here. dionne dre dem brie going to the talks and malachi richardson out of florida state kid from trenton new jersey going to the hornets with the 22nd overall selection. it was a huge night in the nba draft and headliner is ben simmons. that is the story here from pcom. we're going right to break. we'll be back after this.
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>> philadelphia movers and shakers were honored. cbs3 studios served as the back drop for the event which raises money for the revitalization of the hitter 86 up town theater. the 2016 inductees kenny gamble, jean car, billy paul, branch williams,
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these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 oh 7am. for kate don over at draft headquarters everyone i'm i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen colbert is headed your way. >> good night, fam the insider tracking the biggest stories in new >> number one, ben afleck gets serious about his lowest point. >> i was so uncool that i was literally a punch line. >> how ben went from box office bomb. >> that is knocked o >> getting easier and easier. >> balancing her growing groove.


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